I had no idea how hard it is to change the world?

So I may not exactly be changing the world but it doesn’t mean that I’m not trying. 

I really thought that my last post would garner a bit more attention than it did and to tell you the truth I was severely disappointed. 

I have a message that I’m trying to share with the world, oh my what am I doing wrong?

Here in this little town I’m trying to get people to come out and talk about stress, theirs, mine, each others, what it does to the body and how we can fight back. No one comes. 

I share my inner most feelings. That probably makes some of you very nervous while others appreciate it so much that you are compelled to send me long, heartfelt messages (that make me feel amazing). I can’t even get a share though. 

I have said multiple times why I share all of this, why transparency is so important to me, to lead by example really. 

The truth is that I can’t change the world on my own. 

I just simply cannot do it by myself. 

My goal is to remove the stigma and myths surrounding mental health. 

To do this, I want to start talking about it like we talk about politics, other people and what our kids had for breakfast. 

Think about it for a second. When you scrolled through Facebook this morning what were the top things you saw posted?

Did you see someone post a pic of themselves and say, I’m so stressed today that I can’t manage? Did it say, I’m so overwhelmed today that I had to leave work early? Did it say, I’m fighting depression and I haven’t gotten out of bed in three days? Did it say, I had a panic attack on the elevator today?         NOPE

I share this part of me because I want people to start talking about it. These aren’t secrets or anything I’m ashamed of. This is my life. I have feelings. I make mistakes. I am so far from what I want to be that I don’t even know what that is any more. 

The feeling of saying it out loud is like a car, truck, elephant, whale, whatever- is being lifted off of your chest. 

You clearly don’t have to write it in on a public blog and publish it to the entire world of Twitter and Facebook like I do but find a friend, your spouse, a support/mental health group and let it out! 

That is how we are going to remove the stigma, remove the myths surrounding mental health. 

Right now my life is ok. I am ok. My life is busy and I’m overwhelmed and I’m not doing anything at excellent capacity. However, I just pulled myself up out of a very dark place and I need to give myself time. I have to regroup. I have to reorganize. I have stand back and take a good look at what needs to stay and what needs to go. I have to redefine my goals. 

Just writing all of those to-dos down overwhelms me and makes me want a nap. 

I write a lot about my journey and path. Call it what you want. My path includes all of the things I love scattered with horrid surprises. Challenges that I have to overcome. View it however you need to but don’t hide it away like it doesn’t exist. Don’t paint a picture of a path full of rainbows and unicorns if there is also fire and warthogs. <—–Those are mean by the way. 

So my ask today is for your help. Don’t just like my posts- share them. By doing so you are helping remove the stigma without saying a word. 

Let’s do this together because I can’t do it alone. Ya’ll know, I’m a hot mess! 


2 thoughts on “I had no idea how hard it is to change the world?

  1. Matt

    Openness and honesty is definitely a step in the right direction, but I think the real change will come when the education system evolves to include more psychological studies at a young age. Most people just rely too heavy on their quick unconscious thinking which leads to prejudices.


    1. You are so right. It needs to be everywhere. I think the prejudices come out when people unconsciously speak. They do so without education (making your point), reflection and utilizing long standing myths.

      Education does not only have to happen in a classroom, we have power to educate ourselves from anywhere and share that education with others.


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