It’s a New Year

I am not a resolution person.

I don’t set resolutions, I don’t pretend to set resolutions because, frankly, I will break it before I start.

In a different context, I am trying to create new habits. I mean let’s face it, I get up too late, I drink too much coffee, I’m The Queen of Procrastination, I don’t eat well, I move from the couch to the bathroom and back, I fly by the seat of my pants, the pic below describes me perfectly.

Disclaimer: None of this artwork is mine. I find it on Pinterest and give the artist or creator all of the credit. Sometimes I make my own, but you will know if it’s an original.

While none of this surprises you, I do try. I have been working on a morning routine, like I read some stuff, wrote down some ideas, working on it but nonetheless I’m trying. I know that it will never be at military grade schedule but it could be a decent way to start the day.

The hardest part of creating a morning routine was that it was full of stuff that I did not want to do. Remember my things I love list? While I was doing this, I remembered my list! If I want to start my morning off great then it should start with things I love! Coffee, writing, quiet. I will add a daily to-do but that will change. As a friend pointed out, sometimes writing down what you’ve done after the fact is just as productive.

Mostly I question things. Such as, how do you get to tell me I’m not self-aware when I’m very aware of who and what I am, you just don’t like me. That’s different! You don’t have to like me. There are other people that I am a great fit for so don’t like me. Don’t tell me that I’m not self-aware.

As we all know I believe that mistakes are necessary, we should admit that we made them and learn from them. It is different from change.

That does not make us ready for change. Change and motivation for change is hard, takes time and sometimes many tries.

I still don’t believe that gives anyone the right to tell me I’m not self-aware, especially when it is something I work on a lot- read through all of my previous posts.

What bothers me the most is that when others judge my level of self-awareness it negates all of the work that I am doing on myself. No one should be able to tell another where they are or where they should go on their journey. Our paths are our own.

So be aware of how you make others feel but remember you’re going to make mistakes.

Be aware of how others make you feel, your wants, your needs, what you are doing to get those things, who you surround yourself with, your feelings and learn things along the way.

Know that you’re working hard and there will be days that will be more productive than others. Motivation will come, change will come. There will be days where you’re the early bird, night owl or tired pigeon. Own it!

Then tell yourself that you’re rocking it! Even when you don’t feel like you are, you’re rocking it! Reflect, reset and move forward!

Most of all know that you’re not alone, we don’t all have it together, I’m still working on my morning routine and change is a process.


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