Who am I?

I have been walking down this path of self-discovery and have come up with some wonderful stories of who I am, who my ancestors were and the fabulous places they lived. I had been told that we were obviously European but also Native American and there was even a mention of Gypsy. When Gypsy was …

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I think I'm going to run for public office...no really hear me out! My greatest challenge is getting people to talk about mental health and mental illness. They are different! I blame insurance companies and managed care. That's a whole other post. Back to running for office. There would be media, sleuths, any one who …

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The Shift

You know when you have been trying to change things, see things from a different perspective and move on from what you are dwelling on then someone says something that shifts the entire way you looked at the problem.....yep, that's what happened. We all know I've been working on letting go, not worrying about things …

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