It’s a New Year

I'm working on it, I'm aware of my faults, well most of them, don't judge.


Shit show

I have realized that I write the same thing over and over again. I'm so good at writing it down. I'm not so good at doing it. I say things and I can't follow them. I can't remember the last time I was truly happy and what made me that way. WTF?! What a screwed …

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We all know this has been a rough couple of weeks for me but I have survived....mostly. My entire path has shifted and there are two things I am focusing on above all else. Looking for or acknowledging the positive Accepting things I can't control They are both like paper cuts. They hurt in the …

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I wrote this once and the universe must have thought I wasn't being authentic so all was lost. I think it's because I wrote that I made a mistake. I reacted on pure built up emotion and lashed out at one person, who I felt had betrayed me and my family, acted with malice and …

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